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Student Ages and Stages

Student skills develop over several years. Here is a common set of skills for each K-12 year. Kids vary in their personal abilities, but these are standard skills and standard grades where students gain specific thinking skills.     Specific Skill                                        K-3         3-6          6-9          9-12 Observation                                          X             X             X             X Communication                                   X          … Read More »

Parent Guide to Student Success ( by the end of Grade 3)

Lots happens between kindergarten and third grade: students learn to read and write, develop basic math skills and become independent learners. So, what do these look like?? Here are a few details to look at when deciding if a child is ‘at grade level’. Of course, we all learn at different pacesm, but these are… Read More »

Hot and Cold Thinking: Part Two

Search-Institute.org is a great site for ideas on working with kids. In their latest article they mentioned what they call HOT and COLD thinking. They call thinking ‘hot’ when it is energized and enthusiastic. ‘Cold’ thinking includes reflective notions such as analyzing and integrating ideas. As teachers, assistants and parents, we can help students develop… Read More »

Critical Thinking in Elementary Classrooms

Critical thinking skills need to be provided for all children if we want to stir their curiosity and create life-long, curious learners in the process. What are the 4 main/best approaches to critical thinking with young children? How to they ‘look’ in classrooms? 1. Inquiry – allowing students to explore materials and ideas to build… Read More »