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Student Ages and Stages

Student skills develop over several years. Here is a common set of skills for each K-12 year. Kids vary in their personal abilities, but these are standard skills and standard grades where students gain specific thinking skills.     Specific Skill                                        K-3         3-6          6-9          9-12 Observation                                          X             X             X             X Communication                                   X          … Read More »

6 Ways to Build a Reading Family

Reading is a vital part of literacy development. Here are 6 ways to become a reading family. Have a designated reading area. It needs comfy places to sit, good lighting, freedom from electronics (unless you are using an e-reader) and bookshelves or crates of books close by. Those books may be owned favorites, borrowed from… Read More »

Student Self-Checking Work Chart

Here’s one brief way a student can assess their personal organization and productivity for school or homework. Before I begin my work: What are my tasks for today? What questions do I still have about my task before I start? Where can I find answers? What help do I need from adults? (supplies?  resources? thinking… Read More »

5 R's for Engaging Young Kids in Learning

At home, school, church, or a club or group, consider including these five ideas when working with young children. Read aloud to promote imagination and word skills. Rhyme (plus talk, sing, and play together) to develop language skills. Routines develop independence and help kids be part of the family, school classrooms and beyond. Recognition not… Read More »

Is Recess Important in Elementary School?

The controversy rages on. Do kids need recesses? Aren’t they wasting valuable instruction time? If recesses are needed, how many and how long is appropriate? I’m no expert, but, when I taught, the recess breaks were important to the kids and to me. Primary children need to get up, get outside and run, socialize and… Read More »


Well-trained classroom assistants become a vital part of your classroom. They bring extra help, energy and enthusiasm as a well as extra hands interested in helping students. Remember T.E.A.C.H. as you work with them. T. Train assistants and Thank them daily. Take the time to observe their interactions with students and adults in the classroom.… Read More »

5 Key Expectations for Small Groups

K.I.S.S.- Keep It Simple for Students. When in doubt, simplify your expectations/rules and post them as a daily reminder to all: students, classroom assistants and even guests. These 5 cover the basics. 1. Come calmly to the group. 2. Listen. 3. Participate. 4. Strive for quality work. 5. Help with clean-up and closure  before leaving… Read More »

Start with Exploration

New materials, manipulatives, books, globes and much more are fun to share with students. So, save yourself time and frustration and spend your first minutes with free exploration. Let the students investigate the materials on their own for several minutes before you try to use them. Why? Curiosity. Until student time for exploration is  allowed,… Read More »