Use the News

By | September 19, 2013

All grade levels can use current events as part of their social studies and/or their morning opening. Here are a few types of news that fit into school curriculum and into family meal time discussions.

1.  On this Day in History – a calendar related reference to mark an important or interesting event.

2.  Weather- reports, storms, variations in temperature.

3.  Local sports – student relatives in the news, individuals or teams that interest the class.

4.  Book Talk – reports on new books, events at local bookstores.

5.  Local front page headlines about people, events, volunteerism.

6.  Cartoons, comics, puzzles, word-of-day, and word searches.

7.  Local produce markets, craft fairs, plays, concerts, and programs.

8.  Store ads and specials.

In each instance, there are chances to find conversation starters, math problems, science facts,  social studies topics and arts references. Find further information online, in books and in daily newspapers. News: North, East, West and South. Give it a whirl.

Not only will it be fun, it will expand vocabulary, increase student involvement and encourage better listening skills.