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6 Ways to Build a Reading Family

Reading is a vital part of literacy development. Here are 6 ways to become a reading family. Have a designated reading area. It needs comfy places to sit, good lighting, freedom from electronics (unless you are using an e-reader) and bookshelves or crates of books close by. Those books may be owned favorites, borrowed from… Read More »

Value of Building a Reading Culture

A couple of interesting reading facts to consider: 71% of parents feel reading is a vital skill, yet only 31% of kids read for fun 5-7 day each week. While we teach kids to walk, talk and eat and practice sports, we seldom get involved in helping them learn their letters and numbers. (If you… Read More »

Family-School Shared Values

In this hectic world, it’s time to think about our shared concerns for children and youth. Here are a few of my ideas: We should strive to make children important in our daily lives. We need to keep communications open and as positive as possible. We need to engage children in thinking and learning beyond… Read More »