May Calendar of Fun Dates

By | April 30, 2017

May Dates to Celebrate

1  Mother Goose

2  Save a Rhino

3  Baby Day, Lumpy Rug, Brother and Sisters

4  Bird, Candied Orange Peel, Star Wars

5  Cinco de Mayo, Tuba, Hoagie, Oyster, Space Day

6  Beverage, Tourist Appreciation, Nurse, No Diet

7  Tourism

8  Iris, No Socks, V-E, Red Cross

9  Lost Sock Memorial, Teacher’s Day

10  Clean Your Room, Receptionist, School Nurse

11  Eat What You Want, Twilight Zone

12  Daycare Provider, Fatigue Syndrome, Limerick, Military Spouses

13  Birth Mother, Blame Someone Else, Frog Jumping, Migratory Birds, Train

14  Dance Like a Chicken, Mother’s Day

15  Chocolate Chip, Police Officer’s Memorial

16  Love a Tree, Sea Monkey, Wear Purple for Peace

17  Pack Rat

18  Museum, Visit Your Relatives, No Dirty Dishes

19  Boy’s Club, Bike to Work

20  Pick Strawberries, Armed Forces, Be a Millionaire

21  Memo , Wait Staff

22  Buy a Musical Instrument, Goth Day

23  Lucky Penny

24  Victoria (Canada)

25  Missing Children, Tap Dance

26  Sally Ride

27  Jazz, Ramadan, Sun Screen

28  Amnesty

29  Learn about Composting, Memorial Day

30  Water a Flower

31 Macaroon, Save Your Hearing, No Tobacco