LITERACY # 1: Selecting the Best Book

By | June 4, 2017

Summer! The perfect time to carry around a book and spend time with favorite or new characters and subjects. This is # 1 in my 8-part series on Summer Literacy.

If we want to install a love of reading, we need to help students finds books they can read alone. We need to help them locate books that match their skill level.

  1. Encourage them to read the back of the cover if it has text about the story. That will gauge if they can read the book. (Some have reading level suggestions on the bottom. 2.4 means grade 2, 4th month.)
  2. Ask the child to open the book at random and read a paragraph. If a child misses more than a handful of words on the page, the book is too difficult for their independent reading. If it is one they have interest in, use it as a read-aloud book you can read together.