LITERACY #4: Helping Young Readers Become Life-Long Readers

By | June 25, 2017

Summer! The perfect time to carry around a book and spend time with favorite or new characters and subjects. This is # 4 in my 8-part series on Summer Literacy.

  1. Scan the book with a young reader. Look at all the illustrations. Talk about what the book might be about.
  2. Sit side-by-side and help the reader track the sentences. Run your finger under the words as each of you read sentences. It helps a student keep his place and practice the left-to-right progression of English sentences.
  3. Take turns reading aloud.
  4. Help (gently) with unknown or mispronounced words. If the child loves words, stop and print the word on a card and save it for later as a way to review new words.
  5. Reread the story. The second time through, the words will flow more smoothly and new information will jump off the page. Take time to discuss any new observations.
  6. Explore a variety of books at home, in the local public library and in bookstores. Watch for sales to help your personal library grow.