Close Reading Part One

By | January 21, 2018

Close Reading is defined as thoughtful, critical analysis of a text to focus on and look at significant information to develop a deep, precise understanding.

So, how do we engage students to encourage close reading? First, explain that some texts deserve extra considerations. That means we will read and reread them to uncover information.

Our initial read-through will be done to uncover the general information. After we introduce multi-usable vocabulary words, we will read through the text looking for how those words are used as well as searching for patterns in the text. How does the text relate to our lives? What questions does it bring up for us?

Our second read-through we’ll be looking for important details written in the text. Students might work in pairs to compare their findings as well sharing gaps they find in the story; any important details left out of the text will leave holes in the meaning.

Tune in next week for the conclusion to information on close reading.