An Extra Blog – Writing: Sharing and Evaluations

By | March 28, 2018

Writing is a year-long activity, but by now students should be involved in making and hearing evaluations of their and others work. It’s important to encourage student writers of all ages to share their work and take feedback from peers as well as adults.

There are numerous ways to share written work. Formally the writing might be typed, printed out as a booklet, read aloud, recorded, and/or acted out. Informally the writing is made available for peers and others to read.

In most instances, it is helpful for the writer to receive feedback. It can come in many forms:

Brief questions and answers about the writer’s process

A discussion about what the listener observed/heard/appreciated about the writing

It’s by listening to and considering feedback that writer’s gain confidence and improve their writing.

The following is one sample of written feedback a writer might receive.