Metacognition and Math

By | June 17, 2018

The four parts remain the same across learning math concepts:

Plan and Organize

skim and preview tasks

breakdown the parts

decide how to proceed


check your progress

troubleshoot problems

ask for help when truly ‘stuck’

Self Reflect

assess our strategies


with others

Direct Our Own Learning

know what we know

know what we need to move


In addition, we may need to create visuals to help with our understanding. (Check out elementary math in Pinterest for tons of ideas on visual representations.) Visuals are especially helpful when we have word problems, new math language. terms, measurement questions, algebraic questions, and comparisons.

Students need to  be encouraged to ask themselves:

  • What can I remember about solving similar problems?
  • How might I represent  this math problem so I can better understand what I need to do to solve it

Working with others is another great way to see and learn how others handle math problems. After all, there are often several ways to solve a problem once we understand the goal we’re reaching for