Back to School, Back to Math

By | September 2, 2018

Now’s a great time to play a few math-themed games to relight a spark in math skills. Check out my Pinterest pages ( and my Teachers Pay Teachers account ( well as my website for tons of math games at a variety of skill levels.

NOTE: The site is closing Sept. 14th forever so to head over to download ( my free math games ASAP or use my website to access them.

I firmly believe that games are a great way to use keep math in focus without using worksheets. The concepts remain present, but the game aspect adds fun and challenges. My games for grades 2-4 share a variety of topics, mostly about addition and subtraction. I have created a varfiety of levels of difficulty, and use easy-to-find tools like playing cards and dice.  Most games take less than 10 minutes to play. Any necessary gameboards and options are provided for each game. Here are a few titles you’ll find on my site:

  • Keep It Ten (use cards and create combos that equal ’10’)
  • Tic-Tac Block (use dice to add and subtract creating a winning tic-tac-toe line up)
  • 20-0 (use dice and subtract as you make your way around the gameboard)
  • Circle ‘Round NumberChallenge (add, subtract or multiply and you attempt to each your goal number with the fewest number of moves)
  • Heading Home (move to a home corner on the gameboard using math facts cards)