Back-to-School Routines and Procedures for the K-6 Classroom

By | September 16, 2018

Here’s a list of routines and procedures that work for any K-6 classroom. I suggest you brainstorm with your class to discover and discuss the items that you wish to focus on early in the year. Then create a poster to hang up and periodically share and adjust the list with your class.

  • Enter the classroom in an appropriate manner
  • Stow backpacks, coats, library books, etc.
  • Complete check-in and lunch info procedure
  • Prepare materials for the day: notes to the teacher, turning in homework, sharpening pencils, straighten desk
  • Begin your morning ‘sponge activity’
  • Participate in morning meetings, discussions and etc.
  • Work with partners and groups in appropriate ways
  • Settle in to independent work time quickly
  • Respond when called on or when the teacher requests your attention
  • Label all work papers with your name and focus to complete as much quality work as possible (on your own)
  • Know and use approved independent activities when you finish your work early
  • Line up quietly for transitions, leaving your classroom, etc. and move quietly to each new activity
  • Ask for help from adults after you have exhausted “3 before me” (check with three classmates before asking the teacher or adults)
  • Follow emergency procedures in a calm/quiet manner (fire drills, earthquake drills, lock down drills)
  • Use your best playground behavior
  • Complete your classroom jobs quietly and thoroughly
  • Pay close attention when assignments, homework and groups are announced/discussed
  • Take home completed papers and classroom information to your family and be certain they receive them in a timely manner
  • Complete homework as independently as possible
  • Prepare your backpack before bedtime for the next day/return to school.