Age Appropriate Chores for Ages 3 to +12

By | November 3, 2019

These ideas are adapted from the Modern Family website. I have selected FIVE chores, but let’s call them Family Responsibilities.


  • put away toys, pillow, loose bedding and books
  • place dirty clothes in the hamper
  • carry clean clothes (in a bin) to the bedroom
  • Throw away trash in waste bins
  • Carry small loads of groceries/firewood

AGE 4-5

  • make the bed
  • feed the family pets
  • pick-up toys to be put away
  • help make simple snacks
  • pull weeds and water plants

Age 6-7

  • sweep the kitchen floor. sidewalk, porch or patio
  • collect bedroom trash cans for garbage day
  • rake leaves
  • fold clothes and match socks
  • help make salads

AGE 8-9

  • walk the dog or keep pets toys cleaned up
  • put away groceries
  • wipe down the bathroom counters/ replace TP
  • fold and put away laundered clothes; put away shoes and boots
  • help make breakfast/lunch/dinner

AGE 10-11

  • vacuum
  • help clean garage and sweep driveway
  • wash mirrors and wipe down counters
  • make snacks for the family/ help make lunch for  school
  • bring in the mail and sort it

AGE  +12

  • clean own bedroom and play areas; help younger siblings clean-up
  • mow the lawn
  • mop floors and help wash  windows
  • help grocery shop and cook meals
  • help detail cars and be the helper for simple home repairs