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5 Ideas for Engaging Students in Small Groups

The more meaningful the activity, the more engage the students. Connections to their lives and their background of information helps. Allow students to control as much of their learning as possible. That doesn’t mean to make it easy. It means to make it meaning-filled so they use skills they have developed or are in the… Read More »

Looking for Original Partner and Individual Math Games?

Over the past few years I’ve written lots of math games for Grades 1-6. It started when I taught math and wanted to provide kids with opportunities to work on various skills on their own or with a partner when they had free time or after they’d completed their assignments. Eventually they became part of… Read More »

5 Hints to Get Students Started on Their Work

Use these 5 techniques to help students get started on classroom work, small group work AND at home during homework hour: Active Listening Work with students at their eye level. Establish eye contact. Ask follow-up questions to indicate you know what was said. Develop a habit of valuing all questions asked.  Questioning Strategies Ask “What”… Read More »

Resources Reminder

Looking for ideas for students, classroom assistants, or volunteers? Remember to (1) Checkout my FREE downloads  ( (2) Examine sample pages of my book, flipbook, and workbook. You may purchase them from my website or through bookstores and online. (3) Found a great resource I might share with my followers? Have ideas you’d like to… Read More »

2 Ideas about Cooperative Learning

In an age of cell phones, social media, and texting we are losing active listening and direct conversations. One way to reestablish those connections in classrooms or in groups is to use an increased amount of cooperative learning. The process may be as simple as Think-Pair-Share or as complex as cooperative learning groups. Both share… Read More »

Free Educational and Family Resources from my Website

Just a reminder. You can find dozens of resources on my website related to teaching, parent issues, volunteer ideas, etc. Go Check out the newsletters, articles and free downloads, then let me know which ones were the most help to you. If there is something you’d like to see on the website and can’t… Read More »

Family-School Shared Values

In this hectic world, it’s time to think about our shared concerns for children and youth. Here are a few of my ideas: We should strive to make children important in our daily lives. We need to keep communications open and as positive as possible. We need to engage children in thinking and learning beyond… Read More »