Vocabulary Development Ideas

By | April 21, 2019

Growing a vocabulary requires spending time with new words. Focus on important words; those with often-use potential or subject-related value. Try these ideas to help students ‘own’ the selected new words.

First create a special journal or **worksheet to allow space for the some or all of the following components:

  • Introduce the word and the definition.
  • Use it in a meaning-filled sentence.
  • Draw/illustrate what the word represents.
  • Find synonyms and antonyms related to the word.
  • Create a jingle, rhyme or acronym or other word device to help explain a word or its category.

** a worksheet will allow students to create a notebook with the words arranged in alphabetical order. It will also allow space for students to additional pages for future information, ideas and activities.

Also, as a class or small group:

  • Encourage students to act out the use of the word.
  • Model the appropriate use of the word in daily lessons.
  • Play Vocabulary Bingo once you have 24 new words.
  • Play Jeopardy-style or Wheel of Fortune-style games with the words and definitions. There are lots of categories to consider (use your journal ideas).