The #1 Key to Effective Classrooms

By | February 20, 2014

YOU are the key. Whether you are the teacher, para educators or classrooms volunteer, you create a fantastic support system for everyone who sets foot in the room. Think of each new trained person as extra brain power, extra hands and extra possibilities to break down activities into smaller groups or the chance to create one-on-one support.

Notice I said a ‘trained’ person. Education is vital for all classroom citizens. As such, it requires us to organize to develop the best of the best from the best. By arranging for 30-60 minutes of basic training, classroom assistants be exposed to skills regarding how to set expectations, organize students, handle misbehavior, ask thought-provoking questions, manage clean-up and walk away sane. Of course I suggest Educating America resources (book, flipbook, website, blog and me) as a starting place to decide what’s important and needs to be discussed. But, if you find another comprehensive, easy-to-use resource, use it (and send me a link). The important objective is to lay out a plan and share it with all who enter the classroom.

To raise the US educational levels in comparison to other countries, we need more involvement from the community in general. That involvement starts with the person we see in the mirror each day. Every hour add up. One hour a week times 30 weeks equals 30 hours a year. Multiply that by inviting every adult in your community into classrooms and watch the hours zoom skyward. WE can do it. WE MUST! Our kids are counting on us to help lift them to their highest levels.

Don’t know where to start looking for ways to get involved? Contact me. I’ll find you a place to begin.