Staying Engaged with our Kids and Their Schools

By | March 12, 2017


We’re all living at a hectic pace with never enough time for the things we hope to do. I’m suggesting we make a specific place in our busy lives to stay engaged with our kids and their schools. It doesn’t have to be tons of hours of time; that would be great, but we need to keep focused on how our kids are progressing. and what processes are in place in our schools. Things HAVE drastically changed since we were students, and for the better!

Try these ways to stay connected:

  • Keep up on what homework is done and what skills it covers. Computers are more commonly used so learn their processes, what online sites are appropriate and how their work is turned in for assessment. Many school have class assignments and reports on students progress available online.
  • Work with your kids to set expectations/goals/homework sessions. All ages of students work better with adult support and our taking the time to assist them in setting up their planning.
  • Answer their questions when possible and help them find answers when you’re ‘in the dark’. It’s OK to not know all the answers, in fa ct it helps them realize that everyone needs to find and use resources from time to time.
  • Help your kids find their strengths, talents, and interests. Share that information with their teachers.
  • Share your kids areas of struggle with their teachers and stay involved in helping your kids overcome those problems.
  • Attend parent meetings, school events, book fairs, science and math nights, fund-raisers, etc. to show your support and to network with other parents.
  • Read all information and letters sent home to stay up-to-date. Most are online making them easier to locate than a rumpled paper in a kid’s backpack.
  • Ask for help when you don’t understand how to help your child succeed. Start with the teacher, school pyschologist, etc. Become a strong advocate for your child’s needs.