Cutting Down on Teacher Grading Tasks

By | March 24, 2019

Homework and student projects require hours of time to be ‘graded’. If you feel bogged down and buried in work, try these tweaks to lighten your load.


1. Set aside a few minutes each morning for students to Think-Pair-Share. Let them sit together and compare their completed homework. Allow then to make changes to improve their work. Allow them to: (a) x-out errors  (b) [bracket] changes so the teacher can see how the partnering has improved their  work.

2. Spend 5-10 minutes as a class discussing their homework. Why? Because if it is worthwhile homework, it deserves class time spent discussing their outcomes as well as answering their lingering questions.

Edit Level on Projects:

1. As projects are in edit copy level, follow the ideas above in the homework section, but plan at least 20-30 minutes for pairing to share extensive projects.

2. During a group discussion ask students to share their ideas on what add-ons will enhance their projects. To create the best results, students need time to re-evaluate and upgrade their projects before the final deadline arrives.