Effective Goal Setting vs Intentions

By | April 7, 2019

Goal setting: a measurable idea you want to accomplish

Intention: an aim, a plan of action

Substitute intentions for goal setting. Take the pressure off while still suggesting the idea is clearly in view.

1. Write down your goal with specific, measurable, and identifiable intentions. Instead of saying: write 6 sentences about (subject), say or write: “I intend to create 6 or more sentences to explain (subject) to the best of my ability.”.

2. Work with a goal buddy, a person who will listen to your intention, provide support and offer suggestions on how to strengthen your intention. Return the favor.

3. Discuss potential problems, setbacks and challenges with your goal buddy. Return the favor.

4. Revise your intention as you revisit the project. Perhaps you’ve made it too general or too specific. Take time to refocus and keep it meaning-filled as your move forward.