Summer Reading for Kids

By | May 31, 2015

It’s almost summer break for many schools. Time to think about how to keep kids engaged and learning while away from school.

Reading is the easiest activity to keep as a focus. If you have a home library or if you join a public library reading program you can

1. Encourage your kids to read and evaluate their favorite books across the years. What did they like about their favorite books? Have them share pages and illustrations to support their choices. Perhaps, make it a family activity: conversation time where everyone shares their favorite books, maybe appropriate quotes and what attracts you to those pages. Remember to take time to enjoy the plethora of a-b-c books out there. Many are visual delights; most have clever ideas all ages may enjoy.

2. Buy a book each month (for each family member if possible) to extend your libraries. Visit an indie bookstore. Many have used books so you could buy more than one at a time! Consider online book sources such as or

3. Hold a book sale or book swap. Invite your neighbors and friends to join in by donating books to the event. Use any money collected for yourselves and your donatees or, donate the money to the local library, a children’s hospital or a book-buying charity that gives books away to kids in need.

4.  Build a mini library  on the street side of your property and fill it with books. Check out They have a website where you may view samples of the little libraries and get further details. The basic premise is to share books when you are finished: take one leave one is also part of the idea.

Got more ideas? Send them to me. Sharing ideas as well as books is loads of fun!