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Back to School Routines and Procedures for Teachers

  Supplies…check    Classroom organized and ready for students….check   Classroom Routines and Procedures?  Here’s a reminder list to have worked out before the first day of school. Try to post important details in the classroom as reminders to students. Storage of backpacks, coat, lunches Entering the classroom Homework (and notes, etc. from home) collection box Attendance… Read More »

Vocabulary Development Ideas

Growing a vocabulary requires spending time with new words. Focus on important words; those with often-use potential or subject-related value. Try these ideas to help students ‘own’ the selected new words. First create a special journal or **worksheet to allow space for the some or all of the following components: Introduce the word and the… Read More »

Elevator Going Up! Strategies to elevate Student Thinking

In addition to Think-Pair-Share partnering, here’s a list of ways to unpack student thinking: Take quick classroom surveys as a quick way to get ‘a feel’ for where the students are in their thinking about a topic. Ask students to share how they reached their individual conclusions. Accept a variety of methods and processes. Ask… Read More »